Who do You Share Clothes With?

Do you ever share clothes with anyone? Maybe your best friend? Steal your spouse’s favorite hoodie? A sibling? Or is sharing clothes weird to you?

I got to thinking about this topic the other day because my son has some clothes I like. First is a pair of shoes he outgrew before he had the chance to destroy them. There is also a Van’s hooded sweatshirt that I’ve got my eye on. Now, for the time being, I am not able to fit into those clothes. After shedding some baby weight, those clothes are going in MY closet.

SIDE NOTE: Great news my Goody readers!!!! I just discovered I fit into one of my son’s hoodies!

Back to the Story

Once upon a time, I used to steal clothes from my sister. She’s about five inches taller than me, making most of her clothes too big for me. That was okay for me, I didn’t care how they looked ON me, just how they looked. I was also pretty young and had grown up knowing that’s where my clothes came from, Big Sister. It didn’t occur to me until much later in life that clothes can look good and fit.

Now that I’m larger, most of her clothes fit me pretty well! I personally LOVE when she goes through her stuff and hands down what she’s grown tired of. I keep my eye on a few items in hopes that one day she’ll pass them along too. But I never say which ones I like because there is no need.

Except, I did request a recent purse purchase be willed to me if she dies before me.

SIDE NOTE:  I just discovered she hasn’t bought the purse! Dang.

Here is the dream purse

Where is this all going? Well, we have one article of clothing that we stole from each other for decades. I can’t remember who got it first. I do know she had it last. I only know that, though, because she had added it into one of her hand-me-down piles.

As I was searching through to see what I could squeeze over my giant boobs, there it was! I recognized it instantly. I didn’t DARE try to put it on. It is threadbare, holes everywhere, and the last time I wore it, I was MUCH smaller. Boobs and all, much, much smaller.

This is The Shirt

Now, it’s mine. I have it tucked away ready to try on when it’s appropriate. I have come to accept that I may never wear the shirt again as I know my tatas will not shrink 7 sizes without surgical intervention. But maybe, one day, my daughter will want to wear it.

It is vintage, now, after all.

What about you? Is there a particular clothing item someone has that you want? If yes, what is it?! Any plans on how to get your hands on it? Who do you usually share clothes with? Do you have a kiddo that steals your clothes? Let me know below in the comments. I can’t WAIT to hear your stories!

2 thoughts on “Who do You Share Clothes With?”

  1. I use to share clothes with my older sister. Now I share with my granddaughters as they have more clothes than I do 😉

    1. I wonder who buys them those clothes. . .?! 😉 I can’t WAIT to share clothes with my daughter. She’s ridiculously bold in her clothing choices and I hope that stays with her. It’s inspiring!

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