What Show Do You Watch While Folding Laundry?

Have you ever trusted Netflix to pick your show for you? I tried it twice. The first time it was WAY off on what I would like to watch. To give Netflix the benefit of the doubt, though, other people use my account, and we prefer wildly different genres. The second time I wasn’t actually in the mood to watch anything. I can’t even tell you why I turned my tv on that evening. I’m guessing it was so I had something to listen to while I folded laundry.

I like getting into a good show that doesn’t take all of my attention so I can fold laundry at the same time. Or clean while it drones in the background. You know the kind I’m talking about. The type of show you can take your eyes off of for a few moments while you fuss with a shirt that does NOT want to line up on the seams. Or even worse, when you find out the seams aren’t symmetrical! How does that even happen?!

Side Note: I have a pair of jeans where the inside seam likes to turn out while I’m wearing them. It drives me crazy. I’m constantly readjusting the pant leg. They will be getting repurposed once I shrink out of them.

Back to the Story

A few weeks ago, Netflix had their usual trailer playing on their home screen. It happened to be for the tv show Legacies. It looked really hokey. It looked perfect to fold laundry to! Then, the unimaginable happened. It was a perfect, guilty pleasure, teen drama. My weakness. And it has four seasons already. And it’s a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries. That one has eight seasons!! AND there is another spin-off from The Vampire Diaries called The Originals!!! I am good to go for quite some time.

In addition to my personal recommendation, Legacies, here are 5 other shows some of our friends have recommended to watch while folding laundry.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 

On Paramount+

Personally, I have not watched this. Yet. My husband recommended this show. I feel like it’s probably one that needs more attention than I can give while folding laundry. But it’s on my list, just in case I get distracted and need a little break.


On Peacock or Amazon Prime

This show is AMAZING. And Peacock keeps it going! There are now 3 movies too!!!!  I’m so excited. I’m not sure I’m going to get any laundry folded at this point. I’ll be bingeing this. Sorry kids. You’re on your own for at least a month.  

Golden Girls

On Hulu

Rest In Peace Betty White

1-17-1922 to 12-31-2021

Good Omens

On Amazon Prime

It’s okay if you haven’t clicked on any of the videos. But please take a moment to watch this little snippet. The whole idea of how he treats his house plants is hysterical to me.  It also seems like a relatively safe way to let off steam.

And Just Like That


This one is for all who miss having a little Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte in their lives. Sadly, no Samantha Jones cameos. 

Well, I failed on this post. This list just turned into shows I love and one I want to watch. 

I’ll eventually run out of episodes of my laundry folding show, though. To combat the “tv show ended blues”, please help a girl out and comment below what show(s) you enjoy having in the background while you go about your day. 

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