"Self-love is necessary for a functional and successful life."
~Angela C. Santomero

Advice: I'm Surrounded, but Feel so Alone
Abby R. reached out to me this weekend with this question: I’ve been feeling really lonely lately but I’m never alone. Never. I have small kids who follow...
Need Advice? or Need to Vent!
I don’t know about you all, but we are ON SPRING BREAK!!!!  By we, I mean my oldest. The two younger siblings and I are on a normal week. Except...
What Show Do You Watch While Folding Laundry?
Have you ever trusted Netflix to pick your show for you? I tried it twice. The first time it was WAY off on what I would like to watch. To give Netflix...
Hello, Weekend
Covid has dampened my weekends quite a bit. I used to take time to look up what was going on in my area and find an activity or two to attend. When covid...