"Self-love is necessary for a functional and successful life."
~Angela C. Santomero

growing old
What Does Getting Old Feel Like?
What Does Getting Old Feel Like? Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash We are all getting older. Every day. I am getting old. As I type this,...
What is Your Pet Peeve?
What does pet peeve mean? Per Merriam-Webster, it means “a frequent subject of complaint.” My favorite saying that goes along with it is, “You know what...
Need Advice? or Need to Vent!
I have to VENT!!! I wrote a post about spring soup recipes recently and in it, I commented on one of my pet peeves. LISTEN/SUPPORT: It drives me crazy...
Who do You Share Clothes With?
Do you ever share clothes with anyone? Maybe your best friend? Steal your spouse’s favorite hoodie? A sibling? Or is sharing clothes weird to you? I...
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