Need Advice? or Need to Vent!

I don’t know about you all, but we are ON SPRING BREAK!!!!  By we, I mean my oldest. The two younger siblings and I are on a normal week. Except BIG BROTHER IS HOME NOW! WOO HOO! I love when he is home with us. The house feels a little less lively when he’s at school. I’m not going to do well come empty nest time. 

 Are you on Spring Break? Is it around the corner and you need help figuring out what to do all week?

Do you live somewhere Spring Breakers populate? What is that like? Do you need to vent about it?

Use the comments and this space to vent or ask for advice from fellow readers.

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2 thoughts on “Need Advice? or Need to Vent!”

  1. Katie!!
    Congrats girl!! This is amazing!
    It’s been so long since we talked, I’d love to see you and catch up.

    Hi to Husband and the kids!
    Love ya!

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