Hello, Weekend

Covid has dampened my weekends quite a bit. I used to take time to look up what was going on in my area and find an activity or two to attend. When covid first hit, we would at least go outside for walks and hikes. Now it’s cold, so we spend most weekends in the house bundled up and barely moving.

For this weekend, I decided to round up some videos that will get us all sweating.

1. Les Mills Body Project

Not only is he fun to look at 😉, but a good low impact beginners workout is where I’m at, fitnessly speaking.

2. Official Boss Fam

THESE TWO ARE SO MUCH FUN! I love their energy. They’re easy to follow along with. Best of all, if you can’t get the moves down, the music makes you want to swing around anyway!

3. Richard Simmons

Yes. You read that right. Richard Simmons. And his YouTube channel is called The Weight Saint!  In the event you don’t know who Richard Simmons is, be prepared. His videos are almost all exclusively from the 1980’s through mid-1990’s. Though he is still at it, posting as recently as a few days ago.

I almost cried when I found him on YouTube. I had some of Simmons’ workout DVD’s given to me by a previous client and I LOVED them. It was the perfect workout and the perfect vibe I needed at that time in my life. My oldest son used to do the videos with me when he was little. Just a few months ago, my youngest kiddo got into my old DVD’s and DESTROYED them. A huge thanks to Simmons and his team for making his workouts available for free to stream!

4. PEBowman

The creativity this man presents is SUPER FUN. I’ll be honest, this YouTube channel is the only one that is met with cheers from my kids when I say it’s time to work out. Our favorite is the link above. Coach Bowman set up a videogame course for you to follow! Plus, they’re short. Win-win for sure!

5. Cosmic Kids Yoga

I have a caveat for this one. Her videos tend to be long. I enjoy them as an adult because I find her voice soothing and her poses interesting. She is a hit or miss with my kids. It all depends on the story her poses coincide with.

Something to consider when following along with YouTube workout videos are the ADS. I firmly believe anyone can lose weight for free. There are TONS of free resources available on the internet. So, I refuse to pay for ad-free YouTube. I just go with the flow when we do workout videos and an ad pops up. If it’s fast paced or dancing, then we just jog in place or around the living room. If it’s slow, like yoga, then we transition into a recovery pose and hang out there while breathing slow. The trick is to keep everyone engaged. Otherwise, without engagement the great wander off occurs and everyone loses interest.

What free “get moving” ideas do you have? Any other YouTube channels we should be looking at? Share with me below!

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